FotyMody magazine

My fashion illustrations for the Spring/Summer issue of FotyMody just came out.  FotyMody is a Ukrainian-based fashion magazine.  I had so much fun doing this fashion editorial series, designing the clothes, accessories and using bright color combos. The issue also features an interview with me which they translated in Ukrainian for their readers.

Check out iMissyYou in FotyMody.

The Skinny on Truman

Truman my dog (and studio assistant) is featured in this months “The Skinny” magazine. You can find him in the “Skinny on Tour” section, a monthly competition for their readers. Whoever can correctly guess where the photo was taken gets a prize. The contest closed on November 26th.

Truman was a good sport about being a model especially after I told him the publishers are in Scotland and he might get a Scottish Terrier girlfriend out of it. His ego is bigger than ever now that he is in a magazine.

Red Hair

As a kid my hair was naturally auburn.  I grew up in a Latin neighborhood in LA and I hated the reddish undertones in my hair because it was so different. In Middle school my friends and I wanted to be blond so we doused our hair with Sun-In and laid out in the sun to lighten our hair. In my case, it made my hair strawberry blond, which made me feel even worse about my hair.

Since then, I have come to love the reddish undertones in my hair. I have tried many hair colors over the years. From platinum blond to black, but I have never tried emphasizing my hair by dying it bright red.

Maybe I haven’t done it yet because of the upkeep, or the fact that dyed red hair dulls quickly, or I could end up looking like Ronald McDonald’s sister. At this point in my life I am happy just to look at pictures of red-headed women that look amazing.

Below is an illustration I did and a few of my favorite red heads.