Red Hair

As a kid my hair was naturally auburn.  I grew up in a Latin neighborhood in LA and I hated the reddish undertones in my hair because it was so different. In Middle school my friends and I wanted to be blond so we doused our hair with Sun-In and laid out in the sun to lighten our hair. In my case, it made my hair strawberry blond, which made me feel even worse about my hair.

Since then, I have come to love the reddish undertones in my hair. I have tried many hair colors over the years. From platinum blond to black, but I have never tried emphasizing my hair by dying it bright red.

Maybe I haven’t done it yet because of the upkeep, or the fact that dyed red hair dulls quickly, or I could end up looking like Ronald McDonald’s sister. At this point in my life I am happy just to look at pictures of red-headed women that look amazing.

Below is an illustration I did and a few of my favorite red heads.

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