Monthly Archives: October 2010

"Balloons" illustration and inspiration

One of the first films I remember seeing as a kid was “The Red Ballon”. I was around seven years old and we had an impromptu showing in the elementary school auditorium due to rain leaks in the classroom. I remember being really into it and tearing up when the bully kids stole the boys red balloon. Thankfully the lights were off and no one saw me cry:)

Balloons bring me back to my childhood. Its unfortunate that you mostly only see them at children’s parties. They are so festive and when done correctly they can be quite elegant and dramatic.

Advertising illustration for Qlix magazine

The people at Qlix magazine are a dream to work with. It is always fun to work with Tenisha, Editor in Chief, and her team. Tenisha and I could talk about fashion all day, but we would never get any work done:)

Below is an illustration I did for them which they are using in their advertising. I really love how they multiplied it on their Twitter page. To check out Qlix, click here.

Glossy magazine – Feature and interview

I have been a fan of Glossy magazine ever since I discovered them earlier this year. I love watching their Glossy TV videos, enjoy their illustrator interviews and fashion editorial stories. So it was a lovely surprise and I jumped at the chance when Tallulah, the Editor in Chief, asked if they could do an interview and feature my work.

Check out iMissyYou in Glossy magazine (page 19).