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Red Hair

As a kid my hair was naturally auburn.  I grew up in a Latin neighborhood in LA and I hated the reddish undertones in my hair because it was so different. In Middle school my friends and I wanted to be blond so we doused our hair with Sun-In and laid out in the sun to lighten our hair. In my case, it made my hair strawberry blond, which made me feel even worse about my hair.

Since then, I have come to love the reddish undertones in my hair. I have tried many hair colors over the years. From platinum blond to black, but I have never tried emphasizing my hair by dying it bright red.

Maybe I haven’t done it yet because of the upkeep, or the fact that dyed red hair dulls quickly, or I could end up looking like Ronald McDonald’s sister. At this point in my life I am happy just to look at pictures of red-headed women that look amazing.

Below is an illustration I did and a few of my favorite red heads.

The begining

My first memories of drawing were with my brother in our living room when I was seven years old. We would create art after school to sell to neighbors on the weekend. My mother never allowed us to eat sugar, so with the money we made, we would secretly buy candy and sweets from the Hostess store down the street.

I would draw what I thought was abstract artwork because I thought it would appeal to not only our female neighbors but the men. Even though my brother was two years younger, he had way more talent and his drawings always out-sold mine. He always drew what he loved, mostly detailed pencil drawings of forest creatures.

We would go door to door in our cul-de-sac and I would do the selling while my brother would hold our artwork. A single piece of artwork was no more than 75 cents. I remember learning a sales tactic towards the end of our first slow weekend (not many people were home and I was desperate that we wouldn’t get enough money). When a neighbor liked a piece and asked for the price I would say the price and would follow up with “but you can give us what you think its worth”. Nine out of ten times they would give us more than what I asked for!

We had a good run while it lasted.

Here is a photo my brother found of us getting ready for the weekend:)

"Balloons" illustration and inspiration

One of the first films I remember seeing as a kid was “The Red Ballon”. I was around seven years old and we had an impromptu showing in the elementary school auditorium due to rain leaks in the classroom. I remember being really into it and tearing up when the bully kids stole the boys red balloon. Thankfully the lights were off and no one saw me cry:)

Balloons bring me back to my childhood. Its unfortunate that you mostly only see them at children’s parties. They are so festive and when done correctly they can be quite elegant and dramatic.